Great Ocean Walk Experience Update

Great Ocean Walk experience development

Parks Victoria is delivering the final stages of the $4.16 million government funded program to enhance the Great Ocean Walk Experience. The following upgrades have been carried out over the last few months:

Castle Cove to Rotten Point

  • Works on this 5.8km have widened the track to 1200mm.
  • All defective timber structures have been replaced along the walking track and on several gully crossings.
  • Drainage and resurfacing works undertaken.

Johanna day visitor area to Johanna GOW Campsite

  • This 540m stretch of new track was realigned to get walkers off a 4wd track.

Knowledge Creek, Johanna to Milanesia

  • To create a safer environment for walkers along this section of 4WD track, a detailed traffic assessment was undertaken to mitigate risks posed to all road users.
  • Additional pedestrian warning signs have been installed and clearer annotations made to the official Great Ocean Walk map to caution walkers.

Linking track between the Great Ocean Walk and Ryans Den Access Track
This minor realignment has substantially improved the track to Ryans Den which was previously a steep clay track and not purpose built.  The new track is more meandering with multiple bends, providing an easier gradient for walkers and a more stable surface.

Milanesia West track

  • Upgrade to 4.07km of track.
  • Works include track regrading, widening and reforming, drainage, minor realignments, step-planking boardwalks and the installation of a timber bench seat.

Enhancing wayfinding- upgrades to risk, regulatory and directional signage
In order to increase visitor safety, provide clear walk preparedness and information about nearby short walks, new signage is being installed at several new and realigned sections of the walk.

Information boards have been installed at Shelly Beach, Crayfish Bay car park, Cape Otway, Aire River, Johanna, Castle Cove, Ryans Den, Moonlight Head, Gellibrand River and Princetown. New information panels at the Apollo Bay Visitor Information Centre have also been installed which display the official map and new information material.

Current Track Works

Parkers Access Road (see left)
Staff from the Apollo Bay work centre has commenced gravelling the end of Parkers Access Road. As a turnaround bay, Parkers Access is a popular pick up and drop off point which has in recent years been a grassed area with large pot holes. All pot holes have been filled and a section gravelled to facilitate vehicular turning.  All works will be completed early in the new year.


Point Franklin to Cape Otway car park

  • New 2.7km stretch of track.
  • Remaining works include the development of new steps, stairs and a 60 metre boardwalk to protect a fragile dune system.
  • All works will commence in mid-January and are estimated to run for  six weeks.

Submarine rock to Moonlight Head

  • Upgrade to 1.5km of track.
  • Work is due to commence in late January.

Telegraph Track- Elliot Ridge GOW camp to Blanket Bay GOW camp

  • Realignment works on a 5km stretch of road will take walkers off management vehicle track and onto a purpose built track.
  • Pre-planning work is currently being undertaken.

Due for completion mid-2015.

Great Ocean Walk audio app
Following a pilot phase of 68 individual audio tours on, Parks Victoria in partnership with Itours Australia is finalising an audio app which is due to be launched in the new year in both the Apple and Android app stores. The main aim of the app is to enhance the experience through audio interpretation of key walk features, as well as walk preparation and camp etiquette. The app will incorporate all 68 audio tours.
If you have not had a chance to listen to these tours, head to and click the link on the vertical navigation bar.  We are keen for your feedback on these audio tours. Please send feedback to David Newton at .

You can also download the audio tours for free from the iTunes store: