Great Ocean Walk Food Menu

Breakfast:       bacons&eggs

Choice of:

  • Toasted Muesli with yoghurt
  • Bacon & Eggs with sourdough








chickenwrapChoice of:

  • Cheese and salad wrap w/ homemade mayo
  • Foccaccia roll with antipasto vegetables and ham or smoked salmon
  • Vegetarian frittata with olives and sun dried tomatoes or roast pumpkin fetta and baby spinach salad w/ balsamic honey dressing (gluten free)









Choice of:

  • Beef Moussaka ( Gluten free) Served with greek salad
  • Fresh fettucini pasta with your choice of homemade sauce (Napoli, Bolognaise or Pesto)
  •  Roast vegetable frittata (gluten free) served with greek salad
  • Lamb shanks in rich tomato sauce on a bed of mash (gluten free)







chocpuddingChoice of:
(all served with double whipped cream)

  • Apple crumbleserved with creme fraiche
  • Chocolate tart served with creme fraiche
  • Brandied fruit salad served with creme fraiche
  • Cheese cake served with creme fraiche.
  • Banana cake