Great Ocean Walk – winter storms impact on track conditions

Re: Great Ocean Walk- winter storms impact on track conditions  

Parks Victoria advise operators that current winter storms continue to impact the Great Ocean Walk. Please take note of the following conditions:
Heavy rain, damaging winds and localised flooding across the Otway Ranges continue to significantly impact the Great Ocean Walk’s tracks, un-bridged creeks and rivers, forests and beaches.

  • Walkers are likely to encounter flooded creeks and rivers, trees across the track, wet and muddy track conditions and wave-damaged beach access areas with large ocean swell. You may have to turn back. Observe warning signs and wait until water levels and currents are safe.

The following rivers along the Great Ocean Walk are affected by flooding:

  • Elliot River – use the alternative inland route.
  • Parker River at Parker Inlet – use the inland Katabanut alternative.
  • Aire River – do not attempt to cross if the bridge is inundated, Johanna River and Browns Creek.

Parks Victoria continues to assess access to the Great Ocean Walk. Weather events continue to impact the Park’s access and facilities. It may take weeks to work safely through assessing and opening approximately 100km of Great Ocean Walk tracks- currently being repeatedly impacted by storms.
Great Otway National Park (incorporating Great Ocean Walk)

When a Severe Weather Warning is issued, visitors are advised not to visit forested areas. This includes when the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) forecast predicts winds above 80km/hour or when a Severe Wind Warning for the Otway’s forecast area is issued and where staff observations indicate an unacceptable risk to visitors.

Visitors could consider visiting safer areas such as the surrounding towns and villages of the Great Otway National Park during predicted extreme wet and windy conditions.

For further information

For more information please contact 13 1963 or visit

Great Otway National Park – visit Otway National Park for the latest change of conditions to the park’s areas other than the Great Ocean Walk.

Parks Victoria strongly advises visiting the Bureau of Meteorology for the latest weather conditions and warnings at before undertaking the Great Ocean Walk during the ongoing poor seasonal weather conditions.