Five Types of Great Ocean Road Accommodation

Gorgeous golden beaches, ancient rainforests and dramatic cliff-top vistas: the Great Ocean Road has it all, making it one of the most memorable road trip experiences in Australia. Whether you’re driving or hiking, you will need a place to rest your head, so consider your options and choose the accommodation that best suits you.

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Great Ocean Road

Hotels and Motels

For many, a hotel is the obvious choice. Guests don’t need to worry about cooking or cleaning, and it’s easy to book into several hotels as you travel along the coastal road. The downside is that you need to take your belongings with you. This is inconvenient if you are driving and back-breaking if you’re walking. For families, it can be tricky to find suitable rooms. Finally, due to size, convenience and local planning restrictions, hotels and motels are often closer to busy roads than they are to the beautiful scenery you have come to enjoy.

Bed and Breakfasts

While using B&Bs may still mean finding a new place to rest your head at frequent intervals, they can be cheap and friendly for both families and groups. Some even offer pet friendly accommodation. However, you are likely to have to negotiate curfews and deal with restrictions on when you can access your room. Communal space in a B&B can be limited, meaning that in the evenings and during bad weather, you may well be confined to a single room. You will probably have to eat most meals out, as well. Small B&Bs are unlikely to provide an accommodation with pool.

Holiday parks

For cheap and cheerful holidays, many opt for a caravan or holiday park. Most parks have pools, play areas and outdoor space to enjoy. The downside is that these facilities can be very busy and few caravans can claim to be luxurious. If the weather turns bad, being stuck in a caravan or tent with pets and small children soon becomes tiresome, and preparing food in a small space can be a challenge.


The most luxurious alternatives to holiday parks are resorts. These often feature hotel-style accommodation and lodges that offer more space and comfort than a caravan. Unfortunately, most resorts are dominated by spa and golf packages. It’s great if you plan to spend your holiday on the green, but an expensive option if you simply want a base to explore the area.


The best option for families and pet owners is often to create a home away from home in a holiday cottage. Unpack, relax and make the most of the beach front accommodation. Plan your day trips and outings and return to the cottage in the evening. On days when you don’t want to sightsee or if the weather turns bad, there is plenty of space, indoors and out, to keep you amused.

If you want to save costs by self-catering, a holiday cottage makes that easy. However, Johanna Seaside Cottages offers catering for the nights when you don’t have time to make a meal. Convenient, cosy and comfortable, a seaside cottage could be the ideal base for your Great Ocean Road holiday.